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Episode 1 – Run time: 28:34
Timi Hayek, artist and textile designer, talks about getting inspiration from her surroundings in Beirut.

Episode 2 – Run time: 28:33
Keith Powell, director for film and TV, shares on-set stories and other creative practices.

Episode 3 – Run time: 28:51
Julie Gabrielli, architect and sustainable design expert, shares about her writing practice.

Episode 4 – Run time: 29:42
Kathy Fang, chef and restauranteur, describes how memory and taste inspires her work.

Episode 5 – Run time: 28:51
Youssef Kerkour, actor, reveals the depths and rituals that support his creative practice.

Episode 6 – Run time: 28:59
Jill Knox, visual and performance artist, defies definition in the openness of her approach to creative life.

Episode 7 – Run time: 29:26
Brendan Patricks, actor and magician, speaks about what informs his work and showing up in the moment.

Episode 8 – Run time: 30:09
Randy Napoleon, jazz guitarist, illuminates his perspective on improvisation.